BetterBack—Perfect Posture Effortlessly

$49.99  $69.99


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BetterBack—Perfect Posture Effortlessly


Make every chair ergonomic! Use BetterBack for 15 mins a day to improve your posture, ease back pain and boost your health.

$49.99  $69.99

We Are Now Offering A FREE BetterBack If You Buy 2 BetterBacks For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

Is This The Best Device For Instant Relief From Back Pain?

Back pain is something that everyone has experienced at one point in their lives.

Whether it was just for a couple of days or a frequently recurring pain, we cannot deny the discomfort that is associated with the condition.

There are various factors which can trigger back pain or worsen an already existing condition.

Such include carrying heavy stuff, or slouching a lot. Most people suffering from back pain wish to find a permanent solution, or anything that would significantly reduce the pain at an inexpensive cost.

Well, I introduce to you BetterBack, the posture corrector. In this review we shall look at its features, pros, cons and why BetterBack has become game changer for people suffering from back pain.

What Is BetterBack?

BetterBack is the new simple and portable device that is known to provide instant relief from back pain. The logic behind its unique design is to correct the user’s posture.

Most people may not know this but, the underlying cause for majority of back pain is poor posture. Incorrect posture mostly occurs when walking, sitting or reading while slouching. BetterBack was therefore invented to prevent users from slouching. In essence, no slouching equals no back pains.

The device works by stabilizing the body’s natural spine curvature, and the pelvis. It also provides lumbar support.

How Does It Work?

BetterBack is the natural solution to getting rid to back pain. There are obviously plenty of medications for the condition in the market. However, constantly being on pills has been known to affect one’s lifestyle. For instance, some medication may cause mood swings, dizziness, among others. As a result, it may be difficult for the person to lead a completely normal lifestyle.

What makes BetterBack a favorite among many is the fact that it eliminates the need to go to hospital. This saves both time and money. Secondly, its all-natural capacity makes it non-invasive. BetterBack is the quick solution to people who have been experiencing back pains without knowing the root cause. However if someone has been diagnosed with the medical condition, it is recommended to first consult their doctors before purchasing BetterBack.

The device works by targeting the muscles in the spine. Naturally, the human spine is curved. The twist, however, is that almost all chairs have the L shape. What, then, does this mean for the spine?

For starters, every time the person sits down his spine will be forced to move out of its natural curvature. This is where BetterBack comes in. It ensures that the spine stays in its natural position, hence eliminates chances of getting back pain.

The device comes with a removable hot/cold therapy pack. The pack is known to perform two main functions:

The manufacturers of BetterBack claim that it makes all chairs ergonomic..This means that the chair would take to the natural shape of one’s back. All the strain would be done away with and there would be no pressure exerted on the lower back of the person.

Wearing BetterBack for just 15 minutes a day can greatly improve posture. It makes the body to revert to its default curvature such that when the user stands or sit, his posture is improved.

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Features of BetterBack

BetterBack has plenty of amazing features that has enabled it to slowly take over the market by storm:


The device can be used anywhere and at any time since it only takes 15 minutes for one to prevent back pain or relieve his already existing condition.

This posture corrector is also extremely lightweight and can fit in the bag for someone who wants to travel. For those who rarely work from home, BetterBack can be carried along during business trips and even family vacations.


People living in America spend an average of $50 million annually on issues related to back pain. This ranges from treatment and appointment fees to loss of manpower due to calling in sick at work.

Since BetterBack is a one-time purchase, it saves on money that would be used on medical fees. It also ensures employees are productive hence generates revenue indirectly.

Fast and easy to use

The device is easy to put on. All one has to do is strap it on his back and he is good to go. BetterBack is not only favorable to people who have back pain but can also be a worthy investment to people who would like to prevent back pain.

BetterBack’s Appearance On Shark Tank

In 2016, BetterBack debuted in the popular TV show Shark Tank. The manufacturers stated that wearing the pack for just a few minutes a day guaranteed to bring about positive changes in a person’s posture. Furthermore, the person is not limited to just 15 minutes. One can wear it all day long, or for a few hours depending on his preferences.

Posture is commonly known to affect one’s motivation, mood, and overall health. Poor posture will result in being moody and eventually reduce productivity.

Just before debuting, the device has already raised well over $1.6 million on platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Over 20,000 people supported the initiative and this just goes to show how lots of people are seeking a more permanent solution to back pain.

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Final Words

I definitely recommend BetterBack for people who are looking for an affordable and non-invasive solution to their back problem. It properly secures the back and will significantly reduce back pain. You can get more information about BetterBack here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BetterBack only relieve current back pain or does it prevent it as well?

Both. Traditional posture correctors were known to focus only on the spine, which meant that they could only be used for temporary pain relief. With BetterBack, the pelvis is stabilized and the spine’s natural curve is restores. This instantly gets rid of the back pain by releasing the tension in the muscles.

BetterBack offers a permanent fix by restraining muscle memory. This preventive feature makes it perfect for people who already have back pain, and those who would like to prevent it.

How Is BetterBack different from placing a pillow on the lower back?

BetterBack is completely different from using a pillow. With BetterBack, the knees are strapped together such that there is a constant pull to jut the back forward. This helps the person to keep balanced without any effort on his part. Muscle tension is also relieved, leaving him feeling more relaxed.

How often should I wear BetterBack?

It is safe to wear BetterBack throughout the day. Massive improvement of posture is bound to be noticed after just a couple of days. For people who would not like to wear it all day long, 15 minutes is enough to do the trick. The person can decide to wear it 15 minutes before bedtime, or just after waking up, as long as it stays on him for that amount of time.

Does BetterBack have a plus-size option?

Yes it does. The Plus version can fit up to 55 inches of waist. Just like the original version, it is made of high quality material and additional foam for that extra cushioning.

I am really short. Will it fit me? My friend is really tall. Will it fit her?

Yes it will! The BetterBack straps are easily adjustable and can therefore fit anyone regardless of their height. Whether you are 6’6 or 4’9, you are guaranteed a fitting corrector. Once the straps are properly adjusted, it will feel like the pack was specially made just for you.


BetterBack—Perfect Posture Effortlessly

$49.99  $69.99

We Are Now Offering A FREE BetterBack If You Buy 2 BetterBacks For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

BetterBack—Perfect Posture Effortlessly


$49.99  $69.99

We Are Now Offering A FREE BetterBack If You Buy 2 BetterBacks For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

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