Dodow — Fall Asleep Faster

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Dodow — Fall Asleep Faster


Fall asleep faster with Dodow. It’s a metronome with a light system that guides you to sleep naturally, without taking any medicine. The exercise takes as little as 8 minutes as Dodow helps you slow your breathing from 11 to 6 breaths per minute to help you nod off quickly and get a restful and restorative night’s sleep.

$59.99  $79.99

We Are Now Offering A FREE Dodow If You Buy 2 Dodow Devices For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

How can I get good sleep at night?

Do you have trouble remembering things? Maybe you have dark circles under the eyes and are exhausted all the time with headaches now and then. These are some of the bad things you notice throughout the day. Everyone, including you, sees those symptoms.

When that vicious cycle of sleep deprivation begins, it’s impossible to stop it. You will constantly feel tired because your mind is racing. You’ll feel like you didn’t have any sleep at all. You’re often agitated and upset during nightfall. You climb into bed, hoping to have a deeply relaxing rest to have your mind start racing once again.

The thoughts keep coming in at lightning speed with no sign of stopping. Building up stress and pulling you further away from your much needed rest. Weirdly enough, your brain somehow forgot how to relax.I used to have this exact problem, so I know how horrible this is.

Why it's essential to have a good night's rest ?

A survey conducted in the USA by the National Sleep Foundation shows us that roughly 30 percent of American population complains about sleep disruption. Your health and quality of life are negatively impacted because of Insomnia. Common symptoms are daytime sleepiness, hard time concentrating, constant mood changes, lack of any motivation or energy, and general fatigue.

What is Dodow, and how does it work?

Dodow is not that revolutionary or complicated, but that’s what makes it a great gadget. You’ll preferably have this small device the size of a coaster than a machine that makes sounds every so often with tricky settings. By emitting a gentle blue light which pulses up and down on the ceiling, it helps you get better at breathing, which relaxes you into a deep sleep.

You probably remembered someone saying that blue light should be avoided just before bed. That’s true for larger devices such as tablets, phones, and laptops. But that’s not the same with Dodow because the light is too dim to affect your body. Makers of this device chose the blue color because “it has shown that exposure to blue reduces stress.”

The Number Of People Who Use Dodow

Dodow comes with two settings, an eight-minute cycle and a longer twenty-minute one. It aims to control your breathing gently so you would only take six long breaths every minute. The site explains that by breathing longer at their rhythm, you stimulate the baroreflex, and that restores your balance of the autonomic nervous system.

It’s supposed to get you into a relaxed, drowsy state that helps you fall asleep. While you’re concentrating on your breathing and the blue light, you’ll shift your focus from other things that stop you from falling asleep. A lot of people stay awake at night having worries or feel anxious about something, and that’s where this gadget comes in.

The technicalities behind Dodow

During its development process, the folks at Dodow researched Pranayama, which is a yogic practice of controlling your breathing that results in slowing down your respiratory rate. When they tried it as a relaxing technique, it replicated the brain activity only shown in a deep sleep.

Many studies have shown that breathing slowly with control is the best outcome for easing stress and mental turmoil, which helps you fall asleep faster. Dodow achieves that with a relaxing effect that lowers your heart rate and makes you feel tired and sleepy.

How to use Dodow?

Once you put it on the countertop next to the bed, simply tap the surface once for the eight-minute program and twice for twenty-minute one. After that’s finished, the device will shut down automatically so you won’t worry about the battery draining.

Dodow uses AAA batteries so you won’t have to carry a charging cable with you. Its small size makes it perfect for traveling on business trips and vacations when you’re staying in a hotel room.

Product features

It’s a physical device so you won’t have to worry about ingesting dangerous toxins or chemicals that may cause problems. Not to mention, there are no side effects of any kind.

By using breathing techniques based on yoga and meditation, you’ll get the same therapeutic effects that come with yoga and meditation.

Retraining your brain with cognitive behavioral will permanently improve your sleeping health and your life.

With the help of light metronome, your mind’s focus will be diverted from busy, frustrating thoughts to one object, making you calm and quiet.

The blue light will quickly relax you because of its natural calming effect.

It’s small, and lightweight design makes it perfect for your travels.

No need to worry about batteries dying thanks to its auto shut off feature.

You can dim it by adjusting the light intensity based on your ceiling’s height, so it doesn’t disturb your partner.

Common misconceptions

Why does it use blue light? Doesn’t that inhibit sleep?

It’s been proved that color blue has a soothing and relaxing effect. Dodow light is dim enough that it doesn’t inhibit melatonin secretion, NOT making any impact on your ability to sleep.

It all seems kinda gimmicky. Is there any research behind this?

Not that long ago, everyone thought yoga and meditation was a gimmick. Now, its all backed up by clinical studies and scientific research. Yoga and meditation have become an essential activity in a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Dodow is mainly based on scientific principles that incorporate yoga and meditation with its excellent ability for calming people, making their mind quiet and relaxed. That essentially makes Dodow more of a social movement than a gimmick.

Is there proof that it works?

Dodow was built on scientific research that included 1000s of studies and general acceptance by the community on what causes the mind and body to fall asleep. Overwhelmingly positive testimonials have clearly helped Dodow become an excellent solution for being a useful sleep aid that’s supported by social and theoretical proof. Its proof is in the sheer number of sales, with over 400,000 sold with the number getting bigger by the minute.

I’m still not sure about it. It’s rather expensive.

By comparing it to a bottle of sleeping aid supplements or sleeping pills, Dodow does cost quite a bit more but don’t forget you’re constantly buying those pills and supplements to help you fall asleep. Cost of one Dodow is nothing compared to the cost of dozens of bottles. When you think about it, how will all those pills affect my mind and body in the long term? When you add it all up, Dodow is not that expensive, its, in fact, a fantastic investment for the health of your body and mind.

Are you waking up every night?

In reality, everybody wakes up in the middle of a night, that’s quite normal. When you reach the end of a sleep cycle, you become more alert, and the tiniest bit of noise or stress can wake you up. But the real problem is when you’re trying to go back to sleep.

In the majority of cases, it’s stress and anxiety that are stopping you from falling asleep.

It might come from an exhausting day at work or some sort of concerning thing. It can even be fear of not having enough sleep. You’ll find yourself waking up in the middle of the night thinking that you don’t have enough time to sleep because the alarm could go off at any second. And that anxious anticipation is what keeps you from falling asleep.

Dodow breaks that vicious cycle of anxiety and stress by rebalancing your autonomic nervous system.

It will help you gain confidence in the long run. You will learn to go back to sleep instantly. It clears your mind from anxious thoughts or fear of not being able to fall asleep.

How can it relieve stress?

Anything involving stress puts you in the alert state. When you get back from work, you’re probably feeling tense and irritable. Well, that’s because you’ve activated your defense mechanism called the alert state.

When you’re in the alert state, which is the hyperactivation of the autonomic nervous system, your body feels like it’s in a dangerous situation. Epinephrine is not being secreted, helping stimulate the central arousal, which in turn keeps you awake.

Going from the alert state to a resting state is usually automatic, but the buildup of stress delays the process, and it takes you hours instead of minutes to go back to sleep.

The goal of Dodow is to help you exit the alert state by rebalancing the autonomic nervous system. It’s essential to find this resting state that’s contributing to sleep. You can finally let go of everything, and completely disconnect yourself from anything stressful in your life.

Testimonials and media mentions

First night with Dodow

I was having doubts at first. There’s no way this tiny gadget can get you to sleep when every other method I tried failed. I still wanted to try it and give it a fair assessment. I’ve gone and set up mine by adjusting the intensity of the light on the low setting.

I had no trouble finding a spot for it. The nightstand by the bed was the perfect place for it — just the right length between us. But make sure it’s not being blocked by something, so it doesn’t cast a shadow on the ceiling.

As I said, I was having doubts. But admittedly I was honestly surprised. After a couple of minutes have passed, my eyes were starting to droop, and I couldn’t keep them open. Few more minutes passed, and I was dead asleep. I didn’t even notice when Dodow shut it’s self off.

Final Thoughts

This product has finally helped me fall asleep, so it definitely gets my vote. I’ve struggled with sleep issues for a very long time. I have tried anything I could think of, even taking melatonin capsules.

But after Dodow, I finally started having a proper sleep cycle. It’s also helped me clear my thoughts and focus on the real things in my life. The blue light had a really calming rhythm effect. The only negative thing that I could think of is the brightness.

If you have a high ceiling, it might not be visible. But it worked for me, and I honestly think it’s worth a purchase. If you’re suffering from stress, insomnia or have unhealthy sleeping patterns, then I highly recommend Dodow.



Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dodow work?

Dodow gradually slows down your breathing to an optimal rate of 6 breaths per minute to put you in a state of rest and to re-balance your autonomic nervous system.

Is there a way to get a longer sleep setting than 20 minutes?

There are 2 available settings in the product: 8 or 20 minutes.

Why does it emit blue light?

The blue light can indeed mess with your melatonin production, but thankfully Dodow thought of that and made the light’s halo too dim to have an impact on your bodily functions. Its intensity is lower than that of a pc or a mobile screen.


Dodow — Fall Asleep Faster

$59.99  $79.99

We Are Now Offering A FREE BetterBack If You Buy 2 BetterBacks For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

Dodow — Fall Asleep Faster


$59.99  $79.99

We Are Now Offering A FREE Dodow If You Buy 2 Dodow Devices For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

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