You’re going to be wanting something from your new glasses for a long time? We show you with very simple tricks how you can extend the life of your glasses with the right cleaning and storage.

Clean lenses and glasses properly
To clean your glasses, you can use a clean microfibre cloth, like the one you will receive from us together with your new glasses. If you always have this with you, you can clean the lenses and frame from dust and dirt even when you are on the road. At home, you can also clean your glasses under cold running water with a drop of mild detergent (not skin-friendly, as the balm it contains forms a lubricating film). Ultrasonic devices are also suitable; here too, it is best to use cold water with a little detergent. Alternatively, you can also use an anti-fog spray from a specialist optical store. If your glasses are very dirty, you should take them to a specialist (e.g. an optician).

After cleaning with water, rub the glasses and frame dry with a clean, unironed, soft tea towel. Apply little pressure and dry the glasses with circular movements. Hold the glasses with your index finger and thumb, this will put less strain on the bridge and the glasses will not warp as quickly. With rimless frames, ideally hold the glasses at the edge to avoid too much tension.

What you should avoid when cleaning
Do not use damp cleaning cloths, as these attack the surface of the plastic glass. Even aggressive cleaning agents are not good for the glasses and the frame. Unsuitable for cleaning are especially handkerchiefs, kitchen paper, towels or even the sleeve of the sweater. Dust and dirt particles can scratch or smear the glasses – the surface “goes blind” over time. Dirty glasses cleaning cloths should no longer be used to clean glasses. If you rub your glasses dry after cleaning, avoid applying too much pressure so that the frame does not warp or the high-quality coating comes off.

The correct storage of your glasses
Ideally, store your glasses in the supplied spectacle case to avoid scratches and damage to the lenses and frame. You can also wrap the supplied microfibre cloth around your glasses. Always place the lenses on the padded side of the case. It is different if you place the glasses outside the case: Make sure that you always put your glasses on the temples and never on the lenses. In this way you avoid damaging the surface of the lenses. When you take off your glasses, use both hands to avoid one-sided pressure. This is especially important when wearing glasses without spring hinges.

Too high or low temperatures will damage your glasses. Do not leave your glasses in the car in the summer, as the heat generated can cause deformation or damage to the lenses or coating. Avoid heat sources of more than 50°C (for example sauna, dashboard or heater) and strong cold sources. Always keep your glasses in their case in a safe place where you can quickly find them again.

This is not the place for your glasses.
Do not put your glasses in your shirt, jacket or even trouser pocket without a case! This will prevent them from being scratched, warped or broken. Even if it looks chic, do not put your glasses or sunglasses in your hair, as this can damage the coating and the frame will quickly warp. Do not pinch your glasses in the neckline of your sweater or shirt pocket.

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