7 Soothing Stretches to Release Back Pain & Improve Posture

Stretch those often forgotten rib muscles to relieve back pain and improve your posture.

Constant sitting (and especially straining your neck to look down while sitting) causes tightness in the front of the ribs and puts stress on the back muscles.

Luckily, you can work towards correcting your posture with a few simple exercises that strengthen your rib cage. Stretching those often forgotten little muscles in between the ribs – called the intercostal muscles – can relieve tightness in the torso and bring the ribs back into proper postural alignment.

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The rib cage has many attachment points to other important muscles, like the neck, abdominals, and upper back. If all these muscles are tight, it can leave you feeling constricted. Take five minutes out of your day to work on your posture and relieve achy muscles with these rib cage exercises.

Child’s Pose Side Stretch | 5 breaths per side

Start your gentle stretching by breathing fully into the ribs using this calming side stretch. On each inhalation, focus on breathing into the back and sides of the ribs, expanding on each inhale and releasing tension on the exhale.

  1. Start on your hands and knees in tabletop position. Bring your toes to touch and send your hips back and down onto your heels. Bring your knees wide and stretch your arms out in front of you.
  2. Walk your hands over to the right, far enough to feel a stretch on the left side of the body. Stay here for 5 deep breaths.
  3. Walk your hands through center and then over to the left side. Hold for another 5 breaths.

Thread the Needle | 3 reps per side

This stretch opens the chest and shoulders, releases tension in the upper back, and increases spinal mobility.

  1. Come to all fours with the knees wider than hips and hands close together.
  2. Inhale to reach the right arm up to the ceiling for a twist. Then, exhale to “thread” the right arm down between the left arm and knees, lowering down onto your right shoulder.
  3. Inhale to reach right back up towards the ceiling and repeat the movement.
  4. Do 3 reps, then switch sides.

Seated Cat-Cow | 5 reps

You can do this exercise anytime you’re feeling tight in the chest and upper back. It will help expand the ribs, stretching the intercostal muscles in the front and back body.

  1. Come to a comfortable seated position and interlace your fingers behind your head.
  2. Inhale to open the elbows wide, lifting your chin and chest towards the ceiling to come into an arch in the upper back.
  3. Exhale to hug your elbows in, rounding the back.
  4. Repeat for 5 reps, coordinating breath and movement.

Seated Side Bend | 5 breaths per side

Side stretches lengthen the muscles between the ribs and pelvis, improving mobility. This stretch you can do standing or in any seat – try it at your desk!

  1. Come to a comfortable seated position.
  2. Inhale to reach the left arm up above the shoulder.
  3. Exhale to side bend over to the right, placing the right hand down on the ground.
  4. Stay for 5 breaths and repeat on the other side.

Sphinx Pose | 5 breaths

The abdominals bring the ribs towards the pelvis. Stretching the abdominals can help relieve tightness and move the ribs back into a neutral position.

  1. Lie on your belly with your legs hip-width distance apart.
  2. Place your forearms underneath your shoulders, hands in line with the elbows.
  3. Inhale to press down into your forearms, reaching your chest forward. Stay for 5 slow breaths, elongating the spine on every inhale and pulling the abdominals in on the exhale.

Shoulder Stretch | 5 breaths

We recommend using a yoga strap for this pose, but you can also use a scarf or a towel. Whatever you choose, you’ll stretch open the shoulders and chest, expanding the front of the rib cage. Try to draw the shoulder blades together to open the chest even more.

  1. Stand with your feet hip-width distance apart with the strap clasped in both hands behind your back.
  2. Turn your biceps, inner elbows, and palms away from the body coming into what’s called an external rotation.
  3. Gently pull the strap apart to create a gentle arch in the upper back.
  4. Hold the stretch for 5 deep breaths, then slowly release.

Rag Doll | 5 breaths

This stretch opens the back muscles and releases tension in the neck. If you want a good stretch in the hamstrings, slowly straighten your legs while hanging in rag doll.

  1. and with your feet hip-width apart.
  2. Bend the knees and bow forward at the hips, resting your chest on your thighs.
  3. Clasp opposite elbows with your hands and take a deep inhale. Exhale release any tension in the neck and back.
  4. Hang here for 5 deep breaths.


Kailo — The Nanotech Patch That Relieves Pain In Seconds

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Kailo — The Nanotech Patch That Relieves Pain In Seconds


Pain is the result of electrical signals being sent to your brain. Kailo’s patented technology uses nanocapacitors to alleviate pain at the source – providing natural relief anywhere on your body, in seconds.

$99.99  $120.99

We Are Now Offering A FREE Kailo If You Buy 2 Kailo For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

Kailo is the science of drug-free pain relief!

Chronic aches and pains can really put a damper on your day to day life. Be it aches from arthritis in your joints, or if you get aches and pains from swelling due to seasonal allergies like myself, you already know how much chronic pain can get in the way when you’re just trying to get through the day. Thankfully, there is a new high-tech solution for pain relief, the Kailo. The new pain patch offered a quick and easy way to relieve my pain.

No pills, no procedures, or sitting with ice packs strapped to my legs, just a simple device applied using adhesive. I’ve had some great results with this  Nanotech Patch, and it’s helped with the aches and pains resulting from my active lifestyle. 

After a long day at work and my martial arts training, I’m usually sore and ready to just soak in the tub for an hour until everything loosens up again. Thanks to the Nanotech patches, the post-workout pains are less severe, and I even feel better during my workout too. I had such good results that I decided to write this review, detailing just how this pain patch works and why it’s so incredibly effective.

Before You Buy

If the Kailo seems like a solution to your problems, there are a few things you need to consider. The Kailo isn’t some magic cure-all that will cure your arthritis or cure your underlying condition. This pain reduction only is for relieving aches and pains and isn’t going to treat your arthritis, reduce your swelling, or fix whatever problem is causing the pain. If you suffer from chronic aches and pains and want some relief in conjunction with your normal treatment plan, this pain patch can be a great supplemental pain remedy.

If you are having severe pains, you should still go see a doctor as pain can be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition, but the Kailo can help alleviate this pain so you can get on with your day while you determine and treat the underlying cause. If you’re looking for a magic cure for whatever ails you, the Kailo isn’t going to help with that, but if you just need some extra pain relief to get you through the day, this pain patch is definitely an option worth looking in to.

This device also works best on localized pain. Basically, this means that if you have pain located in a specific area, this pain patch can target that area specifically and help relieve the pain (more on how exactly that works later). If you suffer from a condition that causes full-body pain then you might want to look for other treatment options, as you can only use a few pain patches effectively at a time.

Lastly, despite going through various medical testing and clinical trials, for whatever reason, this magic pain patch doesn’t always work for everyone. While most people feel relief within seconds of applying the Kailo patch to their skin, others just don’t seem to notice a difference no matter what they do. There is a chance you might be one of those few who it just doesn’t want to work on. Don’t worry though, if you end up as one of the outliers, you’re not completely out of luck.

The manufacturer behind the Kailo patch offers a satisfaction guarantee with their product, so you can get a refund if it doesn’t help with your pain the way you’d hoped or just flat out doesn’t work at all.

With who this product is best suited for out of the way, it’s time to get into just what exactly the Kailo patch is, the science behind how it functions, and what makes it so darn effective at stopping your pain dead in its tracks.

What Is The Kailo?

The Kailo is a small patch that uses cutting edge technology to cut down on pain. In order to understand how the Kailo works, we first must understand how the body’s pain response works.

There are many different types of nerves throughout the body, but one specific type of nerve, the nociceptor, is responsible for triggering the pain response.

A variety of stimuli can trigger these nerves to fire, ranging from tissue damage like cuts, intense pressure, extreme temperature, and even toxins released by other damaged or infected tissues. 

Unlike other senses, the sensation of pain is a graded response that triggers the body to reflexively get out of the situation causing the pain as quickly as possible depending on the severity of the pain. Once activated, the nociceptor sends an electrical signal to both the associated muscle as well as up to the brain. The signal to the muscles is what causes that knee-jerk reaction like pulling your hand away from a hot surface, while the signal to the brain is what triggers the actual pain response.

It’s the electrical nature of the nociceptor’s signal transport system that the Kailo takes advantage of in terms of effectively relieving pain. The device uses nanotechnology to help tone down the pain signals sent from your nociceptors to the brain, helping relieve reduce the pain response and relieve your pain.

This new pain patch acts almost like an antenna, tapping into your body’s natural circuitry to promote clearer communication between your nerves and causing your body to dampen the pain signals to the brain to give you relief.

If You’re Going To Buy One Thing This Week, Make it This Kailo!

Again, this pain patch isn’t a cure for your ailments, and won’t stop the source of what is triggering your pain response, but will help reduce the intensity of the signals being sent to the brain so that your pain is less noticeable.

If you need a cure or treatment for a serious condition you should always seek medical attention so that you’re getting the help you need. Only consider the Kailo for additional pain relief to help get you through your day.

Since the Kailo doesn’t use any kind of medicine or drugs, there’s no risk of adding harmful ingredients or allergens into your system. Simply place pain patch on your body somewhere between the source of the pain and your head and you’ll start to feel relief.

Even if you do feel immediate relief there are a few tricks you can use to help increase the Kailo patch’s effectiveness. After the patch has been in one spot for a while, it can help to move the patch around from time to time even if you feel relief where the patch is.

Since your nervous system is a vast web of connections, the pathway the nervous signal takes to the brain might not always be the most straightforward. Moving the patch every so often will help affect all of the pathways associated with the origin site for the pain, as well as provide better communication between the brain and the injured area to initiate the healing response in your cells.

Also, having some basic knowledge of anatomy and the nervous system can help determine the best place to put your Nanotech patch, especially if you have a swelling or throbbing pain that seems to encompass a large area. You could always put it slightly above the source of your pain, which could work as it will cover a large portion of the nerves leading back up to the brain. The problem arises if you are feeling a spreading pain, or if you’re feeling more widespread pain.

Since all of your sensory neural pathways end up tracing back into the spinal cord and up into the brain, placing it along your spine might be effective as it guarantees the signal will pass through the patch. Depending on the signal strength, it might be optimal to place it near the source of the pain, but if you cant determine where exactly the pain starts (which can be the case for certain injuries like burns) it might be a good idea to try to place it appropriately along the spine.

Since the nerves of the legs and lower extremities feed into the lumbar portion of the spine and sacral vertebrae (The lower area leading towards the hips and tailbone), placing the patch along your lower back is great for leg pain. Hip, back, chest, and tricep pain can be alleviated by placing the patch along the thoracic spine, or middle area of the back. Lastly, arm, hand, neck, and head pain can be alleviated by placing the patch along the cervical spine, or along the back of your neck.

Does This Patch Help With Back Pain?

This is also part of the reason that the ache patch is so effective at helping relieve back pain specifically since it increases the flow of healing signals from the brain and reduces the effectiveness of the pain signals from the motor neurons and nociceptors firing towards the brain.

By positioning the patch along the spine where the primary nervous tissue responsible for signal transport is, you not only help speed up the healing signal to the pain source in the spine, but also to any surrounding areas where there is potential damage or pressure.

Long story short, as long as you place the Kailo patch either above the source of the pain or along the correct portion of the spine, it should be able to do its job in boosting nerve communication and promoting signals from the brain to initiate the healing and repair process. With all the science talk out of the way, it’s time to discuss a few of the downsides to the Kailo patch.

The one main drawback of the Kailo patch is that you can only effectively use a few patches at a time. It’s great for treating localized pain as it helps tone down the signals sent from nociceptors at their source while boosting the healing signals from the brain, but it’s not great at alleviating full-body pain. If you suffer from full-body pain and are looking for relief, there are other products that might better suit your needs.

The other main drawback isn’t so much a drawback but more of an issue with expectations. As great of a product pain patch is, it isn’t a cure. It’s not going to magically cure your liver disease or set a broken bone. The ache patch isn’t a replacement for good old fashioned medical treatment.

With that in mind, the Kailo patch might not help certain sources of chronic pain that need medical attention, for example, fractures, herniated disks, or other severe health issues where the pain response is being triggered repeatedly because the body is trying to alert the brain that something is seriously wrong and needs immediate attention.

Remember, pain is usually a symptom of something, so if you’re feeling any kind of unusual pain or something outside of your normal aches, pains, or pain that comes along with an already established chronic condition, see a doctor so you can make sure there isn’t a serious health risk causing your pain, like appendicitis or a ruptured appendix for example.

Who Is Kailo Ideal For?

The Kailo patch has a variety of benefits, as well as some things that might make it less than ideal for some people. Depending on the kind of pain you’re suffering from and your own personal circumstances, you should decide for yourself if the Kailo patch is right for you.

While it has been trialed by multiple doctors on a variety of patients, the ache patch has had varied results, and while thousands of people have felt a great sense of relief from the patch, there are some outliers that don’t get much relief.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Kailo patch at a glance.



The Kailo can be bought on a variety of websites, though you’ll likely find the best deals for it on their official webpage. The device comes in either a single, pack of three, or pack of five. They do offer savings with each of the bundles, meaning that the more you buy the more you save. They also offer global shipping if you buy from the official website.

The Features and Benefits of the Nanotech Patch

The Kailo patch has a variety of benefits and features that help make it a great remedy for pain relief. Here is a break down of each of the Kailo patch’s features, and just how it works to make the Kailo patch an effective solution for your chronic pain.

Can Be Placed Anywhere

Wherever you’re feeling pain, you can place the new pain patch in the area of the localized pain to start feeling relief as it works with your body’s electrochemical system to dampen those pain signals. You can quickly turn off pain almost anywhere on your body, be it a pain in your neck, elbow, shoulders, back, foot, ankle, or knees. Wherever you feel pain, the Kailo patch can be applied there.

Long Lasting

Not only is the Kailo effective and easy to use though, but it is also long-lasting. A single patch can last years, and the only thing you’ll need to change is the adhesive strips, swapping them out every 3 – 7 days to make sure the Kailo patch remains securely affixed to your skin or clothing. It comes with several replacement adhesive strips to make sure you can continue reapplying the Kailo patch as needed, and you can always order more strips as needed too.

Since they last for such a long time, buying multiple patches is great for applying them to several places at once, rather than to hold on to for when your first patch burns out. It also makes them extremely affordable, since your investment in the product goes a long way, and you’ll only have to replace your Kailo patches once every year or so. The longevity of the product makes the slightly high price point a little easier to swallow.

Feel Relief in Seconds

It’s also fast-acting, with most people noticing a difference within the first 60-seconds of applying the patch. You’ll notice a warm tingling almost immediately after applying the patch, which is a sign the patch is taking effect. You’ll begin feeling long-lasting relief in a matter of seconds, reducing your pain and aches easily.

It works quickly due to how densely packed the nano capacitors are on the Kailo patch, a single patch providing billions of nano capacitors to help strengthen the signals sent through your nervous system. The combined effect of those billions of nano capacitors is what makes the nanotech patch so quick and efficient at what it does.

Powerful and Effective

It doesn’t even need to be applied directly to the skin and is powerful enough to work even if placed on your clothing over where the pain is originating from. The Nanotech patch is lined with billions of charged nano capacitors, which allow it to work so well as an antenna to help communicate and tone down signals sent from your nociceptors to your brain. These nano capacitors are the science behind what makes the Kailo so effective.

The nano capacitors help clear up communication in the nervous system to help promote signals that propagate and initiate the healing process, reducing the pain felt as the body has already dealt with the pain response and is moving forward with healing and repair. If you are placing it over clothing, do note that it might not be as quick or effective as being applied directly to the skin, since there is a layer of clothing between the pad and your skin.

While it will still be effective at reducing your pain, having a layer or more of clothing in the way of the patch, especially loose clothing that sways and billows away from the pain site, will reduce the Kailo patch’s overall ability to work effectively.

If you do wear it over clothing, it’s recommended you place it over a tucked-in t-shirt or tight-fitting clothing like yoga pants or tight-fitting exercise shorts or shirts. The closer the Kailo patch can stay to your body, the better the effects of the device will be in terms of pain relief and promoting healing signals from the brain.

Hyper Resistant

Lastly, it’s waterproof and extremely versatile, meaning you can wear it in the shower, in the pool, to the beach, while working out, or pretty much anywhere. The protective coating on the Kailo patch makes it weather-resistant as well, meaning you can wear it outside all year round without worry.

The outside of the patch has a silky smooth protective finish that protects the patch from everything from rain, to sweat, to snow. This is great for people like me who have fairly active lifestyles.

The patch manages to stay on through an entire hour of martial arts training, so if it’s durable enough to get through my day it’ll be more than enough to hold through an average low-intensity day of running errands and working.

It's Subtle

Unlike bulky ice packs or icy hot pads that can be seen under your clothing or cause you to sweat in the area around the patch, the Kailo patch’s subtle design makes it almost unnoticeable when worn under clothing, and the skin tone of the patch’s design makes it far less noticeable than other products that offer pain relief.

It is extremely thin, almost like a laminated strip or bandage so it won’t show up under your clothes as a bulge or bubble under your shirt or lightweight clothes. Thanks to the sleek design of the Kailo patch, most people won’t even notice you’re wearing it at first glance. If you do end up wearing it on exposed skin like your forearm or neck area, the circuit-like design that the nano capacitors can even serve as a bit of a fashion statement if you organize and outfit around it.

It’s also extremely lightweight, so it won’t get in the way of movement or weight down your limbs like other heavier pain relief options would. Whatever way you decide to wear it, the Kailo patch won’t look out of place or draw too much attention, while helping reduce your pain at the same time.

Try it Risk Free

If you find that the Kailo Patch doesn’t meet your expectations, it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Return the product within 30 days for whatever reason and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

This is great for people like me, who are usually pretty skeptical of things like this. Knowing I could try it out risk-free made it at least worth a shot. What was the worst that could happen, it didn’t work and I sent it back with no cost to me? Let me tell you, it was certainly worth the chance.


As you can see, there are a plethora of benefits that come with the Kailo patch, making it a great solution for pain relief. The science behind it isn’t something incredibly new, as nano capacitors and this kind of technology have been around for a while, but it took years of testing as well as medical trials to develop this groundbreaking application for nano capacitors to help with pain relief.

It Has Helped Others

There are plenty of glowing reviews of this magic nanotech device detailing how it has helped plenty of individuals through their chronic pain. There are a number of great reviews on the official website supporting the product and showing that it does in fact work, but of course they’ll only put glowing reviews on the main page. The real test is what other marketplace reviews have to say. The reviews on Amazon are fairly polarizing, though there are a lot of verified purchase reviews claiming the product works wonderfully, and how it’s completely alleviated back pain for those who decided to purchase it. Of course, there are a fair share of people who didn’t find the product as effective, but overall the reviews are rather positive. The Facebook reviews are also fairly positive, again with a few negative reviews mixed in for those few people that the Kailo patch didn’t have a great effect on. It has helped people with pain from arthritis, chronic residual pain leftover from surgeries, and other medical procedures, as well as just general aches and pains. Even some answers on Quora to the question asking whether Kailo patches are a scam provide some great personal stories from individuals suffering from chronic conditions like Fibromyalgia, detailing their success stories with how the Kailo patch relieved their pain, allowing them to get back to some semblance of a normal life. Considering how too good to be true the Kailo patch might seem at first glance, its only natural some people might be hesitant to take the claims of simple pain relief at face value. User reviews show that the Kailo patch does work though, and it is backed by sound science and medical trials to boot.

Closing Thoughts

If you suffer from chronic pain, The Kailo patch can be a great solution for you. It’s great at relieving localized pain, especially back pain, as it helps to promote healing signals from the brain to the affected area while dampening the pain response from your nociceptors.

The pain patch is extremely easy to use and can be applied almost anywhere as well, be it on your clothing or directly on your skin near the source of the pain.

All pain is essentially an electrochemical reaction. The Kailo patch uses that idea to help boost the signals from the brain that ultimately lead to the body turning off the pain response signals being sent to the brain so you can start feeling relief, and your body can start healing (or at least recovering from minor tissue damage around the site of the pain).

Nanotech patch is proven to work through various medical trials, and while it doesn’t work for everyone, it should work for most people suffering from chronic pain or soreness in their day to day life.

Remember that the Kailo patch is primarily meant for helping with pain relief, and isn’t some miracle cure for whatever ails you. If you’re having extreme pain and don’t know the cause, visit a doctor to find out if it isn’t a more serious issue before looking into getting a Kailo patch. While the device can certainly help mitigate your pain response, it won’t fix what’s causing your pain.

If the device looks like it might be a good solution for you, you can get more information on the product, how it works, and how to order it from its official website here. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, order a Kailo patch today and try it risk free. If you’re not satisfied with the results you can always return it for a full refund within 30-days. Stop living in constant pain and get the relief you need, you deserve it.


Kailo — The Nanotech Patch That Relieves Pain In Seconds

$99.99  $120.99

We Are Now Offering A FREE Kailo If You Buy 2 Kailo For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

Kailo — The Nanotech Patch That Relieves Pain In Seconds


$99.99  $120.99

We Are Now Offering A FREE Kailo If You Buy 2 Kailo For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

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