ThePhotoStick—Find Forgotten Memories On Your Phone Or PC In ONE Click

$34.99 – $79.99


We Are Now Offering 40% OFF For Each Additional ThePhotoStick For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

ThePhotoStick—Find Forgotten Memories On Your Phone Or PC In ONE Click


ThePhotoStick® is a small USB thumbdrive that instantly backs up your priceless memories WITHOUT the frustration of searching and organizing them yourself!

$34.99 – $79.99

We Are Now Offering 40% OFF For Each Additional ThePhotoStick For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

Never Lose Your Precious Pictures Again

For starters, it works the same way a normal USB drive works as you can backup and save your photos in a matter of seconds.

Not only does this mean all of your photos will be kept in the same place, but you won’t have to worry about losing everything if you have a hard drive crash. The cool thing is that you can hook it up to multiple different devices, such as a laptop or phone. This means you’ll be able to transfer photos from the devices in just a matter of minutes without having to use any kind of extra software or tools.

In addition to holding your photos, it can also automatically search for photos, documents or videos that might have been forgotten in various folders on your device. Who knows, it might actually find some media that you’ve been looking for or maybe some that you completely forgot you had. It’s a great way to uncover some forgotten, yet cherished memories.

Still not sold? That’s alright because we’ve put together an ultimate guide to help you decide if the photo stick is a good option for you. In addition to things you should consider, we’ve also included some reviews, features & benefits and some alternatives that do the product justice. With that said, let’s jump in and see what the photo stick has to offer and if it’ll meet the wants and needs you’ve been having.

Things To Consider

As with everything, there’s going to be a few things you want to consider before purchasing ThePhotoStick. While some of these can be applied to all types of usb devices, we’re going to focus on how they relate to this particular product. While they might seem simple, these considerations could be the difference between you getting the product you need and want, versus getting one that isn’t going to be able to meet your needs. With that said, here are 5 considerations to take into account before purchasing a photo stick.

GB/Storage Capacity

First things first, you want to consider the GB and storage capacity. Since the whole concept of a photo stick is to save photos, you want to make sure you get one that has plenty of space. Most traditional usb devices have quite a few different options, but this product has 3 different options sizes, which could actually make things a little easier.

The first size is 8GB. This will give you space to hold around 3,500 photos. The next size is 64GB, which can hold around 30,000 photos. The 3rd and final size is 128GB. This can hold an impressive 60,000 photos. One big thing to keep in mind is that you might get a lower or higher number of photos, depending on the size of them. For example, having a bunch of smaller photos means you’ll be able to store more than you would if all of your photos were big.

All 3 sizes can really give you a decent amount of storage space, but you’ll want to consider how many photos you take and how many you plan on saving. Some people will want to keep every single photo they take, while others will end up deleting some photos that aren’t the best quality. Once you figure out how many photos you take on a regular basis, add that to the amount of photos you’ve already taken and plan on saving. From there, you should be able to decide which size you need. You could even get a photo stick that holds more than what you expect, just to cover all your bases.

Service After Purchase

The next thing you want to consider is the service after purchase. This includes things like customer servicemoney back guarantees and warranties. It’s important that you know what you can and can’t do after purchasing, so you don’t get stuck with a product that isn’t best for you. You should be able to find all of that important information before you actually make the purchase.

This photostick doesn’t have much in the way of warranties, but it does have a money back guarantee. It’s a 30 day guarantee and it starts the day your photostick is shipped out. Keep in mind, the product must be returned within those 30 days and it has to be in new or like new condition. It has to be unopened, in the new packaging or have a manufacturing defect. This means you might have some issues returning it if it failed because of something you did, like removing before it was properly ejected or spilling some kind of liquid on it.

As far as customer service, you want to make sure the reps are considerate and understanding of issues that can arise. They also should be patient and ready to help. Thankfully, the customer service team for these products are usually pretty good and they do a fantastic job of helping you figure out a solution. They try to do everything they can to get things resolved and if they can’t help you adequately, they’ll push the issue through to a higher level to try and see if they can help you better.


One final consideration that’s actually pretty important is compatibility. This includes compatibility with the media types, as well as the type of computer or mobile device. If either of these don’t have the specific systems, chances are that the stick isn’t going to work the way it’s supposed to. This will result in unhappiness and having a product that you can’t actually use, so it’s extremely important to know what the compatibility requirements are.

The exact media files that are supported are listed above, so we won’t go into them again. With that said, though, it’s important to make sure the photos and videos you plan on transferring are one of those media files. If you aren’t really sure, you can look at the information for your photos and see which one you have the most of. As said before, you probably won’t run into any other types of media files, but there’s always a chance. If you happen to have photos and videos that aren’t one of those media files, this product isn’t going to be a good fit.

The other thing you want to consider with compatibility is the type of system you’re working with. If you’re working on a laptop or computer, you want to make sure it’s running Windows XP or higher. If you have a Mac, you want to make sure it’s running an OS version that’s at least 10.7. As for mobile devices, it’s going to depend on what system you’re on. If you’re considering a photo stick for Android, it needs to be compatible with OTG and the phone needs to be running Android OS 6.0 (Marshmallow) or newer. For iOS, it needs to be running 11.3 or later.

Now it’s time to look at the information that’s important to everyone: photo stick reviews! These reviews are going to give you a better insight into both products, as well as give you some pros and cons. Hopefully, it’ll make your decision a little easier and help you figure out which one you need. The 2 photo stick reviews we’ll be looking at are the original version and the mobile version.

Can ThePhotoStick Backup Your Photos And Videos In A SINGLE Click?

Gone are the day’s people go about with their camera to capture some of the fantastic moments in their life. Although people have changed their aged film cameras to the modern digital camera, the majority of people still can’t do without taking pictures with their phones instead of using their digital camera.
There is no doubt you will want to have those beautiful moments at that excursion, vacation, child dedication, or birthday party captured. So you can quickly reflect on them much later in the future to put a smile on your face.

What Is ThePhotoStick?

To avoid this, you need to know about PhotoStick for PC and MacOS; the new product launched to help you backup all your essential files instantly with ease. The innovative product, also known as Photo Stick and ThePhotostick, can be compared to your regular Flash drive. The significant difference is that it’s built with software programmed to search folders for your lost pictures or files. It is quite simple to use for people that do not have much experience using high tech gadgets because it works automatically.
If you are one the 40% of PC users that have experienced losing your amazing memories as a result of corrupt files, there is no doubt you need to finish this review to see the advantages of purchasing this device and how it can help you save money.
Not only does it come in 3 different sizes, but it’s extremely easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in and hit ‘Go’ when the file pops up. Once you do that, all of your videos and photos are backed up! This product comes with a pre-installed program that will go through all of the folders on your device to make sure there aren’t any photos or videos that are missed.
It also lets you do on-going backups without making you lose any of the media files you’ve already backed up. Depending on the GB size you choose, you can transfer up to 60,000 media files. As long as your computer or laptop has the correct operating system, you’ll be able to backup all your photos in minutes. If you’re someone who has a lot of media files saved on their computer and don’t want to risk dealing with a hard drive crash, then the original version is a great option for you!

How ThePhotoStick Works?

You are not wrong if you think ThePhotostick seems to function just like the regular Flash drive since it also has a striking resemblance with it. Because there is a USB port, you will always be able to utilize this great device.

All you need to do is ensure your PC is operational before inserting it into any of the ports and after a couple of seconds, a window will pop up. In the center of the popped up window is a single button with “GO “in the center you will need to press to allow Photostick to have access to the files on your PC.

It functions quite well and fast based on the size of my PC and the number of files I have in the hard drive after the full scan that takes 60 seconds or more to run. What this unique device does is look through your computer and find all of the files, pictures, and video. It then creates a backup of the data on your PC. It can also be efficiently utilized to find your music files and documents.

How Many Photos Can ThePhotostick Save?

This is one of the typical questions made by individuals that have been wondering the number of pictures and other files that can be stored with this gadget. The straightforward answer is that it’s dependent on the type of model you purchase. The base model that offers 8 GB of storage is sufficient for saving over 3,500 pictures.

Asides this model is the 64 GB model that stores over 30,000 pictures. The most prominent model you can get is the 128 GB version that can spectacularly save up to 60,000 images. 

As you go through this review, you need to note that the size of the storage you will get is contingent to the size of your file. Most models can backup over 3,500 photos but fewer videos because video files sizes are always bigger and occupy additional space. Also, it’s essential to note the size of your PC’s hard drive because if you have a lot of files stored on your hard drive the size of that data is a lot bigger. You might need to get one of the bigger models available.

Advantages Of Using ThePhotostick


You can easily avoid the stress and anger that follows after losing your adored moments because you refuse to store it properly. You can frequently do a backup with the use of PhotoStick, and that will help protect it from corrupt files on PC crashes.

No Monthly expenses.

Using this magnificent device will help you save money by preventing you from spending every month on cloud storage. All you need to pay is the one-time purchase fee and nothing more. If you are familiar with the use of cloud storage, you will agree that using The Photostick can save you money. It does that by preventing you from paying additional fees for extra storage that your files would have occupied.


Using this device will help you be more productive by preventing you from wasting precious time on storing and organizing your files. You can spend that free time on better productive projects.

What Are People Saying About Photostick

Quick Guide On How To Start Photostick On Windows

  1. Insert Your Photo Stick inside any open USB slot.
  2. Find the USB inside File Explorer and open ThePhotoStick_Windows.exe.
  • When the program loads in simply click “Go”.

Quick Guide On How To Start Photostick On Mac

  1. Find an empty USB slot and plug it in.
  2. Search for an icon on your desktop by the name of PHOTOSTICK (if by any chance the icon does not appear, you should then go to Finder and open it from the list of devices)
  • Open the file called ThePhotoStick_Mac.
  • After the program loads up simply click the button “Go”.



What Exactly Is ThePhotoStick Mobile?

The mobile version of this product actually has a usb adapter, as well as a micro-usb adapter. This means that it can be used on mobile devices and a laptop or computer. One thing to keep in mind is that an iPhone doesn’t take a micro-usb, so you’ll want to make sure the version you purchase has that adapter included in the package.

It works the same way as the original version and can help you get your photos and videos backed up in a matter of minutes. Just like the original version, you can transfer and save up to 60,000 media files.

The mobile version of this product actually has a usb adapter, as well as a micro-usb adapter. This means that it can be used on mobile devices and a laptop or computer. One thing to keep in mind is that an iPhone doesn’t take a micro-usb, so you’ll want to make sure the version you purchase has that adapter included in the package.

It works the same way as the original version and can help you get your photos and videos backed up in a matter of minutes. Just like the original version, you can transfer and save up to 60,000 media files.

You literally just push a button to turn it on and off, which is a great option for those that aren’t really that tech savvy. It doesn’t need any kind of extra software or internet connection in order to save your photos. Once you push the ‘Go‘ button, it searches and transfers immediately. If you want a product that can let you transfer photos from a mobile device and something like a laptop, then the mobile version is a fantastic choice.

Simple And Easy To Access

As opposed to iCloud backup, ThePhotoStick Mobile doesn’t need to have any tricky software to get it working. It’s a ‘hit and go’ device – Just download the application on the App Store or Google Play and press the Backup Files button. You’re not required to create an account or manually choose the files that you would like to backup. iOS users could also make use of the PhotoStick for iPhone.

Furthermore, it enables you to be much more productive. Rather than waiting around until eventually your personal computer completes backing up your files, all you need to do is plug in Photo Stick Mobile to your smartphone, back up your photos, and you’re finished. There’s no inconvenience, you won’t have to hang on for a couple of minutes.

Never Again Will You Lose Your Vacation Photos And Videos

At one time, we’ve just about all been a victim of the “Storage is full” warning which our mobile phones display everytime our gallery is full of important images and videos. We don’t blame you since those photos captured essential events of your daily life. Backing all of them up can be a nightmare. Fortunately for you, many of us are living in a time where everything is possible, even backing up your photos and videos instantly.

Is Your ICloud Storage Full?

Were you aware that a lot of individuals using mobile phones will probably lose all of their images and videos from their iCloud storage because it eventually becomes full or because they accidentally drop it in the water?

People generally like to take a lot of photos. This fact comes with its issues, for example, often devices run out of enough space. Even when that is the case, it does not have to be all that bad, thanks to this amazing product.

ThePhotoStick Mobile is capable of holding as much as 60,000 images and videos. That’s a great deal of space. Even my friends that take far too many photos can’t possibly fill up that space. Imagine the amount of memory you can free up on your smartphone by migrating your photos and videos.

The reason why I enjoy using this gadget is that I don’t need any additional equipment. It connects straight to the phone so that I can transfer my photos and videos without the need to plug my smartphone to a computer.

You don’t have to worry about compatibility. ThePhotoStick works on any modern smartphone including iPhoneAndroidiPod Touch, and iPad. And it can be connected to either a Mac or a PC.

ThePhotoStick Mobile is the perfect example of simplicity and organization condensed into a tiny USB flash drive that fits into your hand. Using this gadget, you won’t need to connect your mobile phone to a computer to back up your photos.

Every one of your images and videos from your every trip, celebration, as well as casual events, will be backed up with only one press of a button – no additional hardware required. It’s the best way to save your photographs and videos from any damage or even worse.

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Features And Benefits

After reading some of the things to consider and the actual reviews of the products, it’s important to take a look at some of the features and benefits. These are going to be one of the biggest deciding factors for most people, so you want to make sure you know what you’re getting. While these products have numerous benefits and features, these are just a handful of them. With that said, let’s go ahead and take a look at 5 of the best features and benefits of these particular products.

One-Click Backup

There are many similar products on the market that require you to download software and do all kinds of things just to get it to work. You also have to choose every single media file you want to transfer, which can take up a lot of time. This is especially true if you have quite a few files you want to transfer. The good news is that this particular product isn’t like that at all. It can actually be done with 1 click.
All you do is plug the device in and push on ‘Go’ once the box pops up. Once you do that, the software on the device will backup all your media files automatically. Since it will search every folder and backup every media file it finds, you won’t have to worry about going through everything manually to find where they are. This is also a great feature for those that might have some photos or videos that are hidden or forgotten about.
Once everything is transferred over, you’ll be able to go into the settings and customize things the way you want. This includes things like deleting media files you don’t want and organizing the files in a way that makes you happy. It will also let you know if any of the photos and videos have already been saved, as well as any duplicates that were found. It will also tell you how many files were transferred, how many GB it was, how much storage you have used and how much is left.

Fast & Automatic

Another awesome feature is that the entire process is fast and automatic. As stated above, once you press the ‘Go’ button, the software that’s pre-installed on the product will go through every single folder on your device and find any media files. As long as the files it finds are a compatible format, it will transfer everything over. This is especially helpful for those that don’t have a lot of time to go through every folder on their device and also those that just want to save everything they have.

In terms of speed, the process can be done in just a few minutes. It might seem unbelievable, but the device can find and save thousands of photos in those few minutes. The part that takes the longest is when the user goes into the settings to customize the files that were transferred. If you already know that you have the exact photos and videos you want, then you won’t even have to do this.
All-in-all, this particular feature is great for those that need to get things done quickly and don’t have the extra time to do it themselves. It’s also great for those that have been putting off backing up their files because of these reasons. It’s so easy that you can plug it in, press ‘Go’, and continue doing whatever you need to do. Since it only takes a few minutes to work, you should come back to all of your media files being completely and safely transferred.

No Internet Required

Most of the software that people use to back up their media files needs internet to actually work. Without internet, your files won’t backup and there’s a chance that you could lose everything. Fortunately, this stick doesn’t require any kind of internet to use. This is great for those that don’t have service all of the time, but have taken quite a few pictures that they want to keep.
Another situation where this product would be perfect is when you’re traveling and don’t have any type of connection. The last thing you want is to have a fantastic time capturing beautiful memories, only to have your device fail and lose everything. Many times, these images can’t be captured again, so being able to transfer immediately and without an internet connection is crucial. In fact, if you’re using your mobile device, you can take the stick with you while you’re sightseeing and transfer the media files as soon as you take them.
For the most part, people will have an internet connection so it’s not a big deal, but this is a fantastic feature for those that don’t. People who can’t use the online services to save their media files have been forced to use normal usb devices that take forever and aren’t targeted towards media files. With this product, they can have the same experience as those with an internet connection because they’ll be able to complete the process in just a few minutes as well. Let’s face it, having no internet connection doesn’t mean someone should have to fear losing all of their cherished photos.

Minimal Tech Knowledge Required

How many times have you tried to help your parents or grandparents with technology because they just don’t understand how things work? If you’re like me, then your parents are always coming to you because they can’t figure out how to do something or they just don’t understand the process. With this product, you won’t have to worry about that happening or them getting frustrated because they don’t understand.
Since you just plug it in and press the ‘Go’ button, this is a great product for those that don’t have a whole lot of knowledge when it comes to technology. In fact, you should only have to explain things once or twice before they get the hang of it. The process is extremely simple and they won’t have to do things like: go through the different folders on their device, figure out what media files are compatible or try and figure out what actually is a media file and what isn’t.
The most complicated part of the entire process is customizing the photos and videos after they’ve been transferred. Even with that said, though, they should be able to figure things out pretty quickly. If you take them through things step by step or write everything down, they shouldn’t have too many problems. If they do happen to run into some issues, it still shouldn’t be as complicated or stressful as it would be with a traditional technology product. It’s a fantastic option for those that really don’t have any idea about the tech world because it’s so simple.


After looking at all information available on these products, we compiled everything and took it into consideration. We wanted to make sure we had a great understanding of the products before we actually recommended this product to our readers or advised them to look elsewhere. After careful consideration, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a fantastic product and it should help most people meet their needs. Not only is it easy enough for anyone to use, but it can help you save all of your photos and cherished memories.


ThePhotoStick—Find Forgotten Memories On Your Phone Or PC In ONE Click

$34.99 – $79.99

We Are Now Offering 40% OFF For Each Additional ThePhotoStick For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

ThePhotoStick—Find Forgotten Memories On Your Phone Or PC In ONE Click


$34.99 – $79.99

We Are Now Offering 40% OFF For Each Additional ThePhotoStick For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

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