Xtra PC— Turn Your Old Computer To Like New Again – Blazing Fast

$34.99  $49.99


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Xtra PC— Turn Your Old Computer To Like New Again – Blazing Fast


Xtra-PC® is a tiny, powerful flash drive that plugs into your computer’s USB port. Within seconds, it bypasses your old, slow, operating system (Windows or Mac) and replaces it with an operating system that’s blazing fast and easy-to-use!

$34.99  $49.99

We Are Now Offering 40% Off  If You Buy An Additional Xtra Pc For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

Can It Give Your Computer A Big Speed Boost?

Many people have to deal with slowdown and lag on their computers. It’s a common issue that affects a lot of systems, and there are plenty of possible factors that might be causing it. Whatever the cause, a slow PC is never fun to deal with, and even the simplest tasks like browsing the internet start to become so tedious and frustrating.

There was a time your computer was speedy and reliable, but over the years, with updates, software installations, and other changes to the system, it just starts getting slower and slower.

It’s a big problem, especially at a time when so many people count on their computers and need to use them on a daily basis for work, study, and play. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Today we’re going to be looking at a device that can give your old computer a potential speed boost and returning it to its former glory and letting you enjoy those high speeds you had when the computer was brand new.

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What is XTRA-PC And Is It The Best Solution

The device we’re talking about is called Xtra-PC. It’s the perfect solution for people suffering with old and slow computers.

Essentially, Xtra-PC is a little thumb drive that plugs right into any USB port on your computer, just like a regular memory stick. It has the power to then override your slow, outdated operating system with a speedy and fully-featured Linux OS instead.

Many people struggling with slow computers (both Mac and Windows) are tempted to just buy a new one, but XTRA PC can make the problem disappear for a much smaller cost and in a matter of minutes.

It works with Macs and PCs, fully compatible on computers, laptops, and netbooks made from 2004 onwards.

How Does XTRA PC Work

So how do you actually go about using XTRA PC to speed up your slow computer? Well, it’s a really simple process. All you need to do to get started is turn off your slow computer, laptop, desktop, or netbook, and get ready to insert the Xtra-PC USB drive

Of course, your computer will need to have a corresponding USB port, but almost all computers are equipped with at least one of these ports nowadays, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

You’ll need to insert the Xtra-PC USB stick and then turn on the computer. From there, you’ll see a start-up screen and can just hit the boot menu key to proceed. 

Usually, this key will be one of the following options: ESC, F1, F9, F10, F11, or F12. The next step is to instruct the computer to boot from the USB. You’ll need to repeat this process each time you restart the computer.

Immediately, you’ll notice a huge difference in terms of the boot-up speed of your computer. With the Xtra-PC device plugged in and up-and-running, your computer will load much faster, and it comes with a lot of the same features and functionality you’ll know and love from your regular Windows or Mac set-up too, so you can install a lot of the same programs and use your computer just like before.

There will be a few Windows-specific programs that aren’t quite compatible with your new, speedy, Xtra-PC OS, but you can easily find alternatives that work just well and offer the same basic features and functionality.

Your computer will be fully clean too, free of any viruses or malware that might have been slowing it down or interfering with your various processes in the past.

You can make use of Open Office rather than Microsoft Office for the likes of Word Processing, or you can simply load up an internet browser and use Google Docs to create documents for work.

You can easily install programs and access services like Facebook and Kindle, aswell as Skype.

Your devices like keyboard and mouse will be fully compatible with the new system too, and your webcam and any extra monitors will also be fully functional. Plus, if you’ve still got the hard drive plugged in you can access your music and pictures.

XTRA PC Video Testimonials

No More Malware!

Interestingly, Xtra-PC doesn’t actually list this feature in its marketing, but it’s still a very important factor that is definitely worth considering: Xtra-PC actually keeps you safe from malware. It gives you a fully clean and safe operating system to use, without any viruses or infections to worry about.

You can even go to the next level of protection by making use of a virtual private network (VPN) and can easily browse the internet without any worries of being spied on or infected.

Does XTRA-PC Work With My Old Computer?

You might be asking yourself this vital question, and it’s important to consider compatibility when purchasing any technical gadget or computer device. Fortunately, Xtra-PC is made to be very accessible and fully compatible with a huge range of devices. 

It works with almost every single computer in the world. As long as you have a USB port to plug the device in, then it will work, and the speed boost it provides can be seen and felt in less than 15 minutes, every time.

Protecting Your Privacy!

Another amazing feature of Xtra-PC is that not only does it speed up your computer and keep you safe from malware, it also helps to protect your privacy. 

These days, a lot of people are worried about their personal data being shared or leaked online, but with the Xtra-PC device, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

How does it work? Well, since Xtra-PC basically gives your computer a whole new OS, totally clean and free of any of your previous data from Windows, it lets you do whatever you want with total anonymity. 

You can browse the net without fear of any personal information being shared, so it’s a very safe way to check your emails or do online banking without any worries.

The Big Benefits Of XTRA-PC

Total Compatibility With All Computers

This device is fully compatible with both Mac and Windows computers from 2004 onwards

Works With All Operating Systems

Even if your current OS is in a bad state or has been damaged from viruses over the years, the Xtra-PC will always work just as well and offer super speed boosts.

Keep All Your Files

All of your documents, photos, and other files are preserved and unaffected when using Xtra-PC.

File Rescue Software (PRO Version Only)

This feature lets you save lost or deleted files from an old, slow, dying computer.

Comes Equipped With Free Software

This device features software to make your computer run just like it did on day one.

Easy To Install, Plugs Right Into The USB Port

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use Xtra-PC. It’s one of the simplest computer speed-up devices in the world, plugging simply and easily into the USB port of your computer and loading up in a matter of minutes.

Very Affordable

The price of Xtra-PC starts at just $35, a much lower amount than the hundreds of dollars you’d need to spend on a new computer or laptop.

The Power of Linux

Linux is widely regarded as one of the strongest operating systems out there. It’s virtually virus-proof and very reliable.

Speedy Set-Up

Xtra-PC can be up and running in a matter of minutes, letting you get on doing the things you love without wasting any time.

Common Questions

I don’t understand how Linux works:

Linux, just like Windows, is an operating system. It’s an open-source system, meaning experts from all over the world are also working to improve and enhance it, and it works much more reliably and conveniently than a Windows or Mac machine in many ways, able to stay safe from viruses, bloatware, corrupt files, and other common computing issues.

I’m worried it won’t work

There are long lists of positive reviews and 5-star testimonials from users of this great product to rid you of any doubts.

I’m worried it won’t work

There are long lists of positive reviews and 5-star testimonials f rom users of this great product to rid you of any doubts.

I read some bad reviews:

Xtra-PC has been improved and enhanced over time, so the latest version is even more effective and efficient than past versions, and many bad reviews have been left by users who simply didn’t understand what the device did. The current model is very highly rated.

Reliable Customer Service

All purchasers of Xtra-PC can rest assured that the customer support team will be standing by to answer any questions you might have or offer solutions and advice if you encounter any issues or have trouble making use of the device. The customer service staff are friendly, helpful, and highly professional in their approach.

Very Fast Shipping

After ordering your Xtra-PC device, you won’t have to wait long to get it and start using it. Delivery takes about 2 business days on average in the US or up to 7 days when shipping to Canada. If you’re shipping outside of the US, additional taxes and duties may need to be paid. You can follow your order via the USPS tracking service online.

The XTRA-PC Options | Where To Buy

For anyone wondering where to buy xtra pc you can do so by going to the official website. Down below are the 3 options they offer:



Overall Judgement

In conclusion, Xtra-PC is a dream device for any computer owner. It’s a simple USB stick with a lot of power under the hood, able to give your computer a mega speed boost, restoring and revitalizing the performance levels of your laptop, notebook, or desktop in a matter of minutes.

This little device is truly miraculous and has so many benefits to offer. It can save you a lot of time and cash, make your daily computing tasks much more enjoyable, and keep you safe from malware, data leaks, and spying. It’s a real life-saver, and you can place your order direct from the brand’s website.

How To Use XTRA-PC On Old Computer

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Xtra work on PC?

XTRA-PC is a simple flash drive that you insert into your USB port on your computer. It bypasses your old and slow Windows OS and replaces it with a blazing fast Linux OS that runs extremely fast.

My computer keeps booting into windows and XTRA-PC

The probable cause of this is that your system is not set to boot up from a USB stick. You need access BIOS settings and change that so that it can boot from a USB drive.

I got an error message when plugging it into windows 7 saying I have to format the drive before using it?

This usually happens because Windows 7 can’t recognize the Flash drive. No matter what DO NOT CLICK FORMAT OR YOU WILL BRICK YOUR XTRA-PC! Just click Cancel and restart your pc. The device should boot after that. We recommend you shut down your computer first then unplug the XTRA-PC Flash Drive.


Xtra PC— Turn Your Old Computer To Like New Again – Blazing Fast

$34.99  $49.99

We Are Now Offering 40% Off  If You Buy An Additional Xtra Pc For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

Xtra PC— Turn Your Old Computer To Like New Again – Blazing Fast


$34.99  $49.99

We Are Now Offering 40% Off  If You Buy An Additional Xtra Pc For A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Claim it now!

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